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General Notices

Rain, cold weather, and boggy grounds are bad news for football. With winter upon us, we thought it was a good time to give you an insight into the process and reasoning behind those interruptions to the season. Read about that process here.

A reminder to all clubs and teams – especially in the junior grades: please don’t warm up on pitches, even if there is a free one next to the one you are scheduled to play on. With the inclement weather at this time of year it’s hard enough keeping pitches in playing order, warming up on them only adds to the issue.

We know that having a drink after your game is something many players enjoy but please remember that alcohol cannot be consumed at sports grounds except in licensed clubrooms. So, if you’re celebrating a win or commiserating a loss, support the local club and stay on the right side of the law. As always, drink responsibly and ensure you have a designated driver.

Work has started on the development of Fraser Park Sportsville. The work site for the new facility is to the north of the artificial turf and is now fully fenced off with no access to the area. Contractors have directed us to advise all clubs that, if balls are kicked over the fence into the site, no one is to climb the fence to retrieve them at any time.

Capital Football will continue to raise the profile of women’s football and push for progression and equity within the women’s game, but clubs also have a key role to play in the promotion and encouragement of equity within the game.  To that end, we have put together some notes on equity around match-day procedures, you can download it here.