Futsal Rules

Futsal is a fun, fast-paced style of football.  Here are some simplified rules to help you get started.


  • 5 per team, including a goalkeeper, play on a netball or basketball court
  • No off-sides or height limits


  • Defender must play the ball first, and not the player
    • E.g. free kick for pushing, kicking, striking, etc to get to the ball
  • Direct and indirect free kicks as in football
  • After 5 direct free kicks per team per half, each after results in a penalty


  • Kick-in when out on the side of the court (instead of throw-in)
  • Keeper releases from hands when out across the goal-line (goal kick)
  • Corner when the ball is out across goal line from defending team
  • 4 seconds for all restarts of play as above


  • Everyone is allowed in the keeper’s area (3 point line or “D”)
  • The keeper can handle the ball in the keeper’s area, but not outside
  • Only pass back to your keeper once per team possession
  • Goalkeeper can only use their feet for the one pass back
  • 4 Seconds for all keeper possessions



Q. How many are in a futsal team?
A. Futsal is played with five players – one in goal and four out. Recommended squads are 5-7 for social and 8+ for Premier Men games which are played on an international court with 20 minute halves.. This is assuming all your team mates will turn up each week!

Q. What are the official laws of the game?
A. Full rules can be found on the FIFA website here

Q. What leagues are available for men?
A. Top two divisions on Monday nights are on a full size court (40m x 20m) 20min halves, with recommended minimum of eight players. This is the pathway to the men’s National League team.

More competitive divisions are on Tuesday nights, with mixed social (min. 2 girls) an option on Tuesdays too.

Q. What leagues are available for women?
A. Women play on Tuesday nights, with option of playing in mixed leagues, or competitive men. The Marist Women’s team played for three years against predominantly men and held their own, maknig the recent 3rd/4th playoff of their league.

Q. How do the age groups work?
A. Most junior leagues are in three year bands, eg U9s, U11s and U13s. A player must be no older than the age at 31 December this year. So an U13 player may turn 13, but not 14, this year.

At the College level, players are to play for their college team, Junior College Leagues catering for Year 9 and 10 students. For the shortened Term 4 2011 there is no Senior College leagues, senior students are welcome to play up in the adult leagues though.

Q. How will grading work ?
A. Grading will be based on:

  • Self selection based on day and type wanted to play.
  • Then within each day, eg Men’s Premier 1 or Premier 2 will be decided on:
    • Football level, Futsal experience, tournament ranking.

Q. What are the rules for Mixed Social?
A. Two women in the outfield (not in goal) at all times