GoalNet is a web based solution which allows your club to manage membership information, offers online registrations and payments; communications tools and saves your club’s administrators valuable time. For more information and a one stop shop for all GoalNet resources click here

GoalNet offers:
Membership management:

  • Online registrations
  • Online payments
  • Online transfers
  • Team management – ability to structure teams and assign players
  • Performance – track anything from misconduct to elite player performance

Competitions management:

  • A common fixtures service for all federations and clubs
  • Online results entry
  • Online publication of fixtures, results and standings
  • Resource management – fields and referees


  • A simple way to communicate directly with your members via email or website
  • Automated news feeds direct to your club websites covering events, fixtures and results

We are required to maintain a register of our members (Incorporated Societies Act) so all Club members need to be registered in Goalnet in the correct season.