New Zealand Football have been developing their Digital Framework for some time. This work has reached a major milestone today, Tuesday 3rd October, with NZF announcing changes to the competition management and website providers that have been used in recent seasons.

We appreciate this offers a significant change for many clubs and understand that there will be many questions arising from this.

We encourage you to read the release and the documents provided below as a starting point for this process.

To assist with the transition, New Zealand Football will be running a training workshop for clubs on Wednesday 18th October, the full details are below.

We strongly recommend that all clubs send a representative to this workshop but ask that no more than two people attend from each club. RSVP to

NZ Football Digital Framework WorkshopWednesday 18th October6.30pmCapital Football, Petone


NZF Takes Giant Digital Step Forward

Over the past two years, New Zealand Football has reviewed and evaluated its digital infrastructure and is proud to announce major improvements in this area for football throughout the country, as well as revolutionary enhancements to its sport administration systems.

NZ Football has partnered with Analyticom, Sportsground and Salesforce to deliver a quality digital experience to all lovers of the beautiful game. All are market leaders in their respective fields and boast over 40 years of experience in digital technology between them.

Their industry-leading technologies will be used to manage, develop and deliver the NZ Football Digital Framework, the digital strategy that will serve to connect all aspects of football in New Zealand and make administration processes for clubs and federations more efficient, as well as vastly improving the governing body’s ability to understand the demographics of the football community.

NZ Football Technology Manager Tobi Agbede says the launch of the Digital Framework represents an exciting change to the digital landscape for football in this country.

“This is going to be one of the best digital systems for sport in New Zealand and will make football a leader in this field,” he says.

“Technology changes and moves forward faster than we can blink and the creation of the Digital Framework signals our intent and dedication to providing a truly quality digital experience to all those involved in the game. We could not be any more excited.”

For club administrators, management of their members will become a whole lot easier with Analyticom’s COMET software set to replace the existing Goalnet system, completely improving the way clubs manage their members, teams and competitions. This will cut down the amount of hours spent doing administrative tasks to seconds and minutes, meaning volunteers can spend more time doing the things they love.

Further support will be provided by Sportsground, a New Zealand-based digital technology company that will offer a website management and delivery service to the country’s football clubs, of which there are around 500 in total.

“Boasting a clientele that includes the likes of NZ Rugby, Netball NZ and High Performance Sport NZ, Sportsground know and understand sport in this part of the world,” Agbede says.

“They have been working with sports for over ten years, as well as being the biggest provider for school websites. They know the market and they know our sport.”

Meanwhile, NZ Football’s partnership with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) behemoths Salesforce will highlight the understanding that not every member is the same. NZ Football CEO Andy Martin believes gaining a greater understanding of the member demographic of football enthusiasts in the country will allow NZ Football to provide personal and meaningful digital experiences to all those involved in the game.

“Never before have we been able to understand those that love the game in such detail and can ensure their football experience is truly personal and catered to them. Our exciting partnership with Salesforce means we can provide our members with the football experience they want,” he says.

“The future of the digital landscape for football in New Zealand looks very bright and we look forward to what the next few years are going to bring.”

All these new innovations will come at no extra cost to clubs or participants, who will all receive the benefits of a world-class football administration system.

The new COMET system will be introduced at the start of 2018 with clubs able to take on new registrations from January 1.

Training workshops for club administrators to familiarise themselves with the system will be held from October 2017 onwards, please contact your relevant federation for details.

To view the Digital Framework click here

For more information click here for NZ Football’s FAQs

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