National Age Group Tournament Squads Announced

In just under two short weeks, the countries talented youth will come together to compete in the 2018 National Age Group Tournament (NAGT). The tournament held here in Wellington from the 12th to the 16th of December brings together the 7 federations and just over 600 youth players in 5 different age groups.  

NAGT provides players the opportunity to come together as a federation and play at what is considered the pinnacle representative tournament. Capital Football Federation Development Manager, Steeve Sharpe, believes the tournament is one of the important steps in player development and provides both great talent I.D. opportunities and a positive learning environment.

“The tournament here in Wellington provides a fantastic platform for young players. To come together as a federation is a special experience, nothing compares to a tournament environment and to have that opportunity to be put in front of New Zealand Football high performance staff is not just important but also a great learning experience.”

Capital Football would like to congratulate the following players for being selected to represent Capital Football in the tournament. A fantastic achievement and we wish you all the best for your respective campaigns!



Under 14 Boys

Theo Ettema - Onslow JFC

Alex Braakhuis - Onslow JFC

Savio Concessio - Onslow JFC

Nick Martin – Onslow FC

Jared Eglinton – Petone FC

Lucas Jelley - Petone FC

Allein Jericho – Upper Hutt

Ben Collins - Waterside Karori

Levi Appleton - Waterside Karori

Coran Perks - Waterside Karori

Isaac Hughes - Kapiti Coast United

Mick Reid - Kapiti Coast United

Riley Manuel - Island Bay United

Johnny Khoun - Island Bay United

Flynn Crocker - Island Bay United

Josh Apaapa-Preston - Island Bay United

Jack Julian - Brooklyn Northern United

Maiti Taylor - Brooklyn Northern United

Head Coach: Ryan Edwards

Assistant Coach: Sam Morrissey


Under 14 Girls

Olivia Empson - Unattached

Kate Marra - Stop Out

Hannah Evett - Onslow JFC

Pepi Oliver-Bell - Onslow JFC

Sarah Griffiths - Onslow JFC

Eve Bayliss - North Wellington

Nicola Ross - North Wellington

Olivia Ingham - North Wellington

Scarlett Fraser - North Wellington

Helena Nagrampa - North Wellington

Madeline Barnes - Miramar Rangers

Sophia Matthews - Miramar Rangers

Evangeline Wilson - Eastbourne AFC

Anna McCarthy - Wellington United

Sammi Preval - Wellington United

Kate Flannagan - Waterside Karori

Darby Lambert - St Matthews College

Bella Vivian - Brooklyn Northern United

Head Coach: Maika Ruyter

Assistant Coach: Sarah Alder


Under 15 Boys

Blake Chandler - Upper Hutt

Adam Trott - Upper Hutt

Davind Tor - Wellington Olympic

Grainger Scott - Island Bay United

Matthew McCarty - Island Bay United

Dan McKay - Wellington United

Kaelin Nguyen - Wellington United

Liam Coleman - Wellington United

Marco Lorenz - Wellington United

James Martin - Wellington United

Luca van Dillen - Wellington United

George Walker - Wellington United

Matthew Henry - Wellington United

Jackson Manuel - Wellington United

Nathan Simes - Wellington United

Max Falconer - Waterside Karori

Aidan Rodrigues - Waterside Karori

Alexander Greenwood - Waterside Karori

Head Coach: Lee Padmore

Assistant Coach: Callum Holmes

Assistant Coach:  Sam Smith


Under 16 Boys

Jesse Randall - Island Bay United

Brendan Eastwood - Kapiti Coast United

Corey Jones - Kapiti Coast United

Oliver Burton - Lower Hutt

Brendan Gee - Petone FC

James Murdoch-Gibb - Petone FC

Tresor Niyonzima - Petone FC

Ryan Brydges - Stop Out

Stanley Archibald -Wairarapa United

Noah Boyce - Wairarapa United

Matt King - Wairarapa United

Jonty Roubos - Wairarapa United

Cameron Gen - Waterside Karori

Cameron Healy - Waterside Karori

Tyler Hornsby - Waterside Karori

Oli Taylor - Waterside Karori

Lukas Halikias - Wellington Olympic

Jamaya Shearer - Wellington United

Head Coach: Natalie Lawrence

Assistant Coach: Curtis Jones


Under 16 Girls

Olivia Gibbs - Petone FC

Ariana Gray - Petone FC

Zoe Barrott - Waterside Karori

Molly Simons - Kapiti Coast United

Tui Dugan - Wairarapa United

Kelsey Wilkinson - Wellington United

Natalie Olson - Wellington United

Genevieve Berry - Wellington United

Libby Browne - Wellington United

Nea Blackham - Wellington United

Jemma Catherwood - Wellington United

Amanda Parlane - Wellington United

Samantha Woolley - Wellington United

Lea Pummer - Wellington United

Jordan Coulter - Wellington United

Caelin Patterson – Upper Hutt

Sarah Cook - Island Bay United

Tallulah Nemet-Sargent - Island Bay United

Head Coach: Katie Barrott

Assistant Coach: Kennedy Bryant


For more information please contact Steeve Sharpe at


Article added: Friday 30 November 2018


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