Federation Talent Centre

Your local Federation Talent Centre (FTC) provides a regional hub for talent development. Starting with a scouting process from age 11, players are recruited from age 12 onwards from their junior clubs to attend their local FTC.

FTCs complement existing club and school football programmes by adding focused training hours with specialist coaching for the most talented players, offering a unique set of advantages:

  • A programme to systematically develop the individual player
  • Consistent national curriculum to prepare players to cope with the modern game
  • Competitive and fulfilling environment for the most talented players – “the best with the best”
  • Coaches who are specifically trained and experienced in developing talented youth players
  • Players’ progress continually assessed to ensure the best players remain in the FTC programme
  • Weekly training sessions and an extended programme of development throughout the year
  • Regular performance feedback to players and parents
  • Regular games programme with inter and intra-federation tournaments

FTCs have been modelled on successful talent development programmes around the world, and then adapted for each local federation’s unique needs. The curriculum is consistent across New Zealand and quality standards are uniformly high.

2017 FTC Programme

2017 FTC Squads

Congratulations to those players selected for the 2017 FTC Programme.  A full list of players and the clubs they represent can be found here.


Player Welfare Information for FTC Players

  • Do you want to be the best footballer you can be?
  • Do you want to represent New Zealand on the world stage?
  • Does your weekly plan assist you on this path or is it actually putting you at risk of achieving your ambitions?

It is important to reflect on what you are currently doing and consider how the following factors are contributing to your overall development in order to become a top footballer.

Player Welfare Information – see here 


FTC Player Training Schedules

The following form will be used as a guide for Capital Football to assist in managing your workload throughout the winter season and to keep in contact with your club/school coaches on your development, workload and any injuries that may occur throughout the year.

FTC Player Training Schedule Form – here


2017 Trialists named

Congratulations to the 2017 FTC trailists.  Below please find at list of players invited to trial for the 2017 FTC Programme and an updated schedule of trial dates and times.

Should you have any queries regarding the attached, please contact Steeve Sharp, Football Development Manager (talentadmin@capitalfootball.org.nz)

NB: The 2017 FTC Programme Trialists file below is an Excel Spreadsheet and has tabs for each age group and location (e.g. 2004 Hutt). Please ensure you check the appropriate tab for your age and location.

Supporting information

Nomination process

Federation Talent Centre (FTC) trials for the 2017 programme will be held from October through until December.

Clubs and Colleges are asked to send through nominations for the age groups listed below, please read the nomination criteria carefully for each age group.

Players currently in the 2016 FTC programme have been notified that they all need to retrial and have been invited to do this. 

District teams: Player’s trial for these teams based on where they live (Western/Hutt/Wellington/Kapiti/Wairarapa). Please see the map attached which shows the makeup of the Western and Wellington district zones. Waterside Karori will remain as part of the Western Zone.
We cannot accept nominations for players younger than 2005 born.

FTC Club Nomination Criteria:
• Have consistently trained well over the course of the season
• Players with a desire to learn and improve
• Players willing to work on their technical competencies in their own time
• Ability to be a good team-mate who will take pride in representing their region

2005 Born Girls: Please nominate your most talented players; girls can be playing girls only or mixed competitions. We envisage this will be 5-6 girls maximum per club.

2004 Girls: Please nominate your most talented girls in this age group; we envisage this will be 2-3 players maximum per club.

2003/2002/2001 Born Girls: Please only nominate your most elite players not currently in the programme. We envisage this will be 1-2 players maximum per club/college.

2005 Boys: Please nominate your most talented boys from your top team in the 11th grade; make sure you include GK’s and 2005 born boys that are potentially playing in 12th grade. We envisage this will be 5-6 players per club.

2004 Boys: Please nominate your most talented boys in this age group; we envisage this will be 2-3 players maximum per club.

2003/2002/2001 Boys: These age groups are being narrowed for the 2016 programme. Please only nominate your most elite players not currently in the programme. We envisage this will be 1-2 players maximum in each age group per club/college.

**Please Note** We appreciate that clubs vary in size across the Capital Football region. Should you wish to nominate additional players please state this and we will consider additional nominations.

Information required from Clubs/Colleges (please send in Excel format):

  • Player’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Which age group the player would like to trial for (and district if necessary)

Players will be sent an invitation to the trials from Capital Football and will be asked to confirm their place before the trials.

For enquiries please contact Steeve Sharpe, Football Development Manager


Office Ph 586 5814