Capital Football is pleased to advise that in partnership with Primary Sport Wellington (PSW), the three-day Futsal Festivals will be offered again at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre, Kilbirnie in September 2024. 

This is the seventh year that Capital Football has partnered with PSW and the Futsal Festivals have grown in popularity every year.  Last year the registrations for the Years 3 – 6 and Years 5 – 8 Futsal Festivals closed within 2-4 hours of being promoted to the membership. 

Primary Sport Wellington is very pleased to advise that for the 2024 Futsal Festivals there is no charge for teams to participate, thanks to a successful funding application and the generosity of the New Zealand Community Trust.

    Festival Design

    • The festivals are designed for players of ALL abilities and genders to try Futsal in a safe and enjoyable environment. 
    • Please ensure teams are formed for the player's enjoyment with a focus on development over winning.
    • Scores will not be kept and there are no playoffs or finals to play for. 
    • Years 1 – 6 Futsal Festivals are mixed teams (with the exception of single-gender schools within the PSW membership).
    • Please do not register teams if you are unable or unwilling to comply with the above.

    Festival Dates

    Tuesday 10th September
    Years 1-4

    • Two grade opportunities:  Years 1 & 2 and a separate Years 3 & 4 grade. 
    • Court size will be smaller to allow for the younger students, with 4 players per team playing on the court at any one time.

    Wednesday 11th September
    Years 3-6

    • Two grade opportunities: Years 3 & 4 and a separate Years 5 & 6 grade. 
    • Years 3 & 4 will play on a smaller court and Year 5 & 6’s will play on a full-sized basketball court.

    Thursday 12th September
    Years 5-8

    Four grade opportunities: Years 5 & 6 MIXED, Year 7 & 8 MIXED, Year 7 & 8 Boys only, & Year 7 & 8 Girls only.  ALL games are played on a full-sized basketball court.

    Festival Format

    Due to the popularity of these Futsal Festivals, instead of entering teams across all three days, please NB the following:

    • Full primary schools wishing to enter teams across the whole school please enter teams on Tuesday 10th (Years 1 – 4 Futsal Festival) and Thursday 12th September (Years 5 – 8 Futsal Festival).
    • Contributing primary schools wishing to enter teams across the whole school please enter teams on Tuesday 10th (Years 1 – 4 Futsal Festival) and Wednesday 11th September (Years 3 – 6 Futsal Festival).
    • Schools wishing to enter teams in Years 3 – 6 only are encouraged to register teams on Wednesday 11th September only.
    • Schools wishing to enter teams in Years 5 – 8 only are encouraged to register teams on Thursday 12th September only.

    Schools may enter as many teams as they can organise and supervise.  At least one adult manager per team is required to assist with the supervision and behaviour of the students throughout the day.

    Please do not register teams if you are not confident that you can field the registered number of teams or if you are not confident of organising the necessary adult helpers and/or transport on the day.​​​​​​​

    General Festival Information

    • The first round of games will commence at 10am and the Futsal Festival will conclude at 2:30pm.
    • All grades are mixed. This requires a minimum of two girls on the court at all times.  The only exceptions are Years 7 & 8 ‘Girls only’ and ‘Boys only’ OR if you are a single-gender school.
    • The structure of the draw will be decided once team entries have been confirmed. The draw will be released on Monday 2 September.
    • Games are self-refereed.
    • All Year 1 - 4 games will be played 4 v 4 on half a basketball court. 
    • All Year 5 - 8 games will be played 5 v 5 on a full-sized basketball court.
    • Where possible, schools will play games against children from the schools in zones outside of their usual zone.  Please NB this is subject to entries from the six PSW Zones.​​​​​​​

    Festival Rules

    • We recommend 7-8 players per team.
    • Futsal is played with touchline boundaries and without walls.
    • No offsides
    • Unlimited substitutions (e.g., You can come on and off multiple times each game)
    • Player’s wear what they normally would for a PE Class and regular sport / running shoes.

    • Defender must play the ball first, and not the player (e.g., free kick for pushing, kicking, striking, etc. to get to the ball).
    • If a free kick occurs, two players must touch the ball before scoring.

    • Kick-in when out on the side of the court (no throw-ins).
    • Keeper releases from hands when out across the goal-line.
    • No corners. And if a goal is scored, the opposition start from halfway.

    • Everyone is allowed in the keeper’s circle.
    • The keeper can handle the ball in the keeper’s area, but not outside.
    • Please encourage your team to rotate the goalkeeper role.

    If you require further information  email Libby Trevelyan at


    Registrations will open for the PSW member schools on Monday 22 July (day 1 of Term 3).
    ​​​​​​​Registrations will close Monday 19th August at 1pm or when the quota of team registrations are met.