'Helping Aotearoa play at its best for longer'.

New Zealand Football’s Performance and Prevention team work in collaboration with each federation throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to provide you with what you need to best prepare, perform, and recover whilst managing injury and load effectively, whether you’re a coach, player, parent or official.

This dedicated team provide resources and education that assist you in your footballing journey to ensure you are well equipped to get the most from every game through effective preparation and recovery so you can perform at your best every game.

Our coach education workshops provide the fundamentals in player performance and prevention with integrated modules that equip you as a coach to best support your players with their physical and mental development.

To ensure physical capacity, injury, and player well-being is not a limiting factor, 4 main topics should be considered before anything else. They are:


The most effective and evidence-based activity to best prepare you or your players to perform on the field both mentally and physically.


The physical demands of our game plus the social demands of life, schooling, social environment and any emotional strains, all interconnect and impact upon a player’s overall load and general wellbeing.​​​​​​​


Your guide to the physical fundamentals through to specific football conditioning that build you and/or your players physical capacity to meet the demands of the game and development phase.


See how the most common and debilitating injuries in football impact our game and what you can do to help your players return to play more effectively.​​​​​​​

For more information and access to downloadable resources, videos and information please visit the NZF Performance & Prevention website