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You can find all the details on our cancellation process in this post. Key points and frequently asked questions are listed below.


Each Friday we receive information from the various Councils on what ground restrictions we have on the football fields in the region. Please don’t refer to various Council websites to see if grounds are open or closed for the weekend’s fixtures, they advise us which fields can be used.

We make every effort to make any changes to draws by 6:00pm on Friday. Occasionally, further changes are made on Friday night or Saturday/Sunday mornings (as close to 7:00am as possible) if conditions change.

We will post updates here on our website. A banner across the top of the website will take you to the latest changes. We will also post to Facebook advising that changes have been posted. Please check your fixture for changes. If it is transferred, postponed, cancelled, or defaulted, it will say it on your game.



Late (ie. game-day morning) or mass postponements/cancellations, will be communicated first on;

If you are unsure if your game will go ahead, check there first.

The decision on late cancellations will be made as close to 7:00am as possible on game day.

For junior games, in the event that you turn up to a game and the field is unsuitable for play (ie. it’s underwater) or the weather changes to make it unsafe for players (ie. a hail storm) please discuss with the opposition and make a decision as to whether to play on.

For in-house First Kicks or Fun Football (U7 & U8 games) please also check with your club coordinator as some clubs offer an indoor option.


I can’t see this week’s draw, is it up yet?

  • If you can’t see your team’s game(s) for this weekend, make sure that the correct date is shown above the draw. Some browsers, particularly mobile, will revert to an earlier week.

The Council’s website says the ground is closed, but according to your website, our game is still on – which one is correct?

  • Please use our website for information on your games and ground availability. Councils hand the grounds over to us on a Friday afternoon with any necessary restrictions and we adjust the draws accordingly. We will make another call at 7.00am on Saturday morning taking into account any overnight changes or weather conditions.

My game is still on according to the website, is this correct?

  • See above the Cancellations Announcements or check our Facebook page at to make sure we haven’t made any mass cancellations. We announce these on this page and Facebook first as it takes some time to update details for all the games we have scheduled. If there is nothing to this effect on either platform, and we’ve announced there are no further changes, then yes, your game is still on.

Our game is on turf, why has it been cancelled?

  • There are a number of reasons why a game on turf may be cancelled, this includes: other games in the grade can’t be moved from grass to turf so the entire grade has been cancelled/postponed or it could have been cancelled/postponed in an attempt to ensure interruptions across the season are shared around teams or grades.

Your Website & Facebook announcement says all games in my grade are cancelled, does that mean games in all areas?

  • Yes, if the announcement says, for example, all U9, U10 & U11 grade football is cancelled, then all games in those grades, regardless of which area (Hutt Valley, Wairarapa, Kapiti, etc), are cancelled.

There’s no draw for 7th and 8th grades this week, is First Kicks still on?

  • We only do draws for Festival Days for these grades. First Kicks and Fun Football (7th and 8th grades) are run by clubs, please check with them directly if you’re unsure about games going ahead.

Junior leagues – My game says it is Now Cancelled, does that mean it won’t be played at all?

  • This means the game will not go ahead as scheduled. Where possible, it will be played at the end of the current round.

Senior & U17 leagues – My game says it is Now Postponed, when will it be played?

  • This means the game will not go ahead as scheduled. We will reschedule it for another date later in the season.